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Membership Deer Search Inc.

If you would like to have an impact on the wounded deer situation, then you may want to get involved in Deer Search. Isolated handlers can accomplish very little and there is a need for networks of local groups. Even though Deer Search Inc. is based in New York State and this is where you would get the most benefits from your membership in our organization, we provide limited support to individuals from other states who want to learn how to track wounded game with dogs. Of course, it has to be done within legalities of the state where they operate.

In New York State Deer Search Inc. provides its members with:

  • training program for dogs and handlers in the form of workshops, seminars, tracking competitions and certification programs
  • dispatching systems for handlers (hunters call our “hot line” and we dispatch a handler who is located close to the site where the hunter lost his/her deer)
  • liability insurance
  • an quarterly newsletter
  • support of network of dog people with common interests and objectives

You may want to set up similar services in your part of country.

Deer Search Inc. offers several types of membership:

A. REGULAR – A REGULAR member has all the rights and privileges of the organization. They will have voting rights in all organizational matters. A REGULAR member shall attend a Deer Search seminar and make an annual major contribution such as, but not limited to tracking, dispatching or chairing a committee.

B. SUPPORTING – A SUPPORTING member shall have no voting rights. Supporting members are not insured under Deer Search’s liability policy unless they are participating in an event or activity that has been specifically authorized and organized by Deer Search. A supporting member shall receive the Deer Search newsletter and may participate in all Deer Search functions.

C. LIFE- Regular members who have ten (10) continuous years of service may be nominated at the February meeting and voted on by the members pursuant to Article IV, Section II A of the Bylaws for this status. Life members shall be exempt from paying dues.

D. HONORARY – Those who have made outstanding contributions to DSI. Honorary members will be accepted by a majority of all voters attending any membership meeting. Honorary members have no rights or privileges of the organization, they have no voting rights in organizational matters and shall not be encumbered by application fees or dues.

E. JUNIOR – Junior members have no voting rights; can be from age 0-18. Upon reaching the age of eighteen (18) years they may then become a regular member. Junior members may accompany a licensed member on wounded big game calls.

Section II – Qualification for Regular Membership

A. All applicants must complete and submit an application furnished by the organization, and remit the designated application fee of ten (10) dollars.

B. All applicants for regular membership must consent to have a law enforcement background check of possible law violations which might be incompatible with DSI activities.

C. All applicants are subject to review by the membership committee.

D. All applicants for membership will be voted on after the first reading (See Bylaws, article IV, Section II A), provided that a positive recommendation has been received from the membership committee.

Section III – Dues


A. For regular members there will be annual dues of ten dollars ($10) per member. Junior members will not be charged until the age of 18.

B. For supporting members there will be annual dues of fifteen dollars($15.00) per member.

C. Prior to the October Meeting all members will be notified by mail of the dues. All dues are due December 1. All dues must be postmarked by December 31. Members delinquent in payment will be terminated. Upon the reapplication for membership their status may be reinstated. The decision will be made by the Chapter’s Executive Board.

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