Dear Search Inc. Tracking Statistics – Fall 2010

Dear Search Inc. has gathered tracking stats from 21 trackers. Of those 21 trackers 12 reported mileage and 11 reported donations. Here are the results.

Annual Tracking Summary 2010/2011 Total In New York State Only
Bow Shot Deer/Bear-Total Valid Sorties 275 180
Total Invalid Sorties 2
Bow Shot Deer/Bear Recovered 95 63
Bow Shot Recovery Rate 35% 35%
Gun Shot Deer/Bear Total Valid Sorties 74 49
Total Invalid Sorties 1
Gun Shot Deer/Bear Recovered 33 23
Total Gun Shot Recovery Rate 45% 46%
Miles Traveled 15,100
Donations Received and Submitted $6,798
Total Valid Sorties 349 229
Total Deer/Bear Recovered 128 86
Total Recovery Rate 36% 37%

The first column reports all information reported to me by Deer Search Inc. Trackers including those who tracked out of state in VT, WI, NJ and Md. Those trackers are Tim Nichols, Larry Gohlke, Darren Doran, Rich Stollery and Andy Bensing. The second column reports big game animals tracked and recovered in New York State only. Those trackers who tracked out of state reported going on 120 sorties and recovering 42 big game animals.

-Two trackers, Tim Nichols (in Vt) and Mario Montana (in NY) each reported recovering one Black Bear.

-Tim Nichols went on the most sorties 66 with 25 recoveries.
-Andy Bensing went on 47 sorties with 16 recoveries.
-John Jeanneney went on 45 sorties with 14 recoveries.
-Marc Niad went on 26 sorties with 10 recoveries.
-Peter Martin went on 19 sorties with 8 recoveries (he found seven 8 pointers and one 6 pointer with a 20+” spread)

-Every tracker who submitted a tracking summary was involved in the recovery of a big game animal in the Fall of 2010/Winter 2011.

-The Fall 2010/Winter 2011 tracking season was a great success thanks to all the trackers, those who man the dispatch phone and the other members of DSI who contribute all year long. Great team effort.

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