Deer Search Inc. Tracking Competition

The Deer Search Inc. Tracking competition took place on April 6, 2013 at Casperkill Game Club Inc.  116 Stone House Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572.  Seven (7) artificial blood lines were laid out prior to the competition.  The lines were marked out by Bill Siegrist and Gentian Shero.  The blood was put out by Bill Siegrist and Barbara Schmidt.  The time limit for each team was one and one half hours (1 1/2 hours).  Six (6) teams of handler and dog were entered into the competition.  Of the 6 teams entered 3 teams were able to complete the track and place in the competition and three (3) were unable to complete the track and place in the competition.  The DSI judges for the competition were Roger Humeston-Master Handler, Mark Long-Master Handler and Bill Siegrist-Master Handler.  Four members of DSI apprenticed as judges during the competition.  They are: Sue Orlick, Peter Martin, Gentian Shero and Beth Shero.  About 25 Deer Search members and guests attended the competition.

A gut-shot buck recovered by John and Tommy in Berne

On November 21 John and Tommy recovered a gut-shot deer in Berne. It was around 0.5 mile track. At the beginning it was not obvious that the deer was gut-shot. There was a stretch of no-blood, and later every few yards or so there was a small speck. Tommy jumped a deer, and followed it […]

John Jeanneney and his dog Tommy help recover deer for hunter Justin Crosier

Late in the afternoon of our bow season’s opener, October 1, the buck was hit high in the lungs. He had been grazing near the edge of a large hayfield. After the hit, the hunter, Justin Crosier, saw the deer enter the woods on the far side of the field and found a few drops […]