News from Long Island – Gut Shot Deer Found 4 Days Later

Deer Search is proud to announce this update from Mike Garrity from Deer Search in Long Island. Mike wrote: It took all of 10 minutes for Wolfie to air scent this large 9 point buck, shot on Saturday October second, the second day of the Long Island bow season. Unfortunately they had to call in the […]

Starting From The Hunter’s Point Of Loss

Because of the sequence of the seasons most of us find ourselves tracking for the first time with young dogs during bow season when tracking is usually most difficult. For these young dogs it is especially important to take the time to start well. Avoid starting your dog right at the hunters point of loss. […]

The Origins of Blood Tracking

Using dogs to help find wounded deer is as old as Man’s prehistoric relationship with wolf-like hunting dogs. In its modern form blood tracking with dogs most highly developed in Germany and other countries of Central Europe. In North America dogs were used on the frontier to find wounded big game, and this practice has […]