Deer Search

Deer Search

Deer Search is a private, non-profit organization of volunteers who track wounded deer and bear with leashed tracking dogs. Most of us are hunters and our goal is to reduce crippling losses during hunting season. The majority of us live in New York State and are members of one of the two New York chapters of Deer Search. We also have out of state members who track under licenses and rules issued by their own state.

Peter Martin and Lisa Start a Great Tracking Season

Peter Martin of Kiamesha Lake, New York and his wire-haired dachshund Lisa have had a great tracking season. Peter reports: Monday Oct. 1 – I received a call from a hunter that Bill Voeglin and I tracked for 3 or [...]

Great Find for Joeri on Video

On Saturday, October 16 John and Jolanta Jeanneney took a great video of their first find of the season. For more info about the Joeri and his find check out:

Two Does Recovered in One Day

Marc Niad of Yorktown Heights, New York and his German Jadg Terrier Dakota found two does on opening weekend. He had two recoveries on October 17, 2010. He reports: The first doe was shot in Mt. Kisco Saturday on opening [...]

Starting From The Hunter’s Point Of Loss

Because of the sequence of the seasons most of us find ourselves tracking for the first time with young dogs during bow season when tracking is usually most difficult. For these young dogs it is especially important to take the [...]