Hall of Fame

Any DSI member can submit or nominate a dog for the Hall of Fame at the October meeting.


Any proposed dog must have earned a minimum of 90 points. Points will be earned in any or all of the following ways. (50% of the total points required, must come from recoveries.)

  1. Winning the DSI Blood Tracking Competition is worth 5 points each time a dog wins, and any dog that qualifies will earn 1 point each time it qualifies.
  2. A dog that becomes certified earns 10 points for certification.
  3. A dog will earn 1 point for each Licensed Associate member who handles it and becomes certified.
  4. A dog will earn one point for each deer or bear recovered on a valid sorties. On occasions when more than one dog does the actual tracking to help recover a deer or bear, 1 point may be divided between any two dogs, to be decided in the filed by the handlers present.
  5. DSI members must keep their tracking reports and duplicates of associate tracking reports to validate their number of recoveries, and the number of handlers certified.
  6. After a dog has been nominated, the owner must supply a 3 1/2 x5 inch color photo of the dog and proof of its points totals to the Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee, before or at the first meeting following the deer hunting season.
  7. Any exceptional dog who dies or becomes incapacitated before it can acquire the total number of points necessary to qualify for the Hall of Fame, may be nominated and voted on for induction in the Hall of Fame. ***To submit or nominate a dog, a member should give a brief speech, telling what makes or made this dog special to furthering the DSI effort. Nomination can not be made until one year has passed from the dogs death or incapacitation.

Ballot Count:

  1. The Hall of Fame Committee consisting of two volunteers, or two people appointed by the President, plus the President will collect and count the ballots.
  2. No committee member can have a dog in submission or nomination. In the event the current President has a dog in nomination, the Vice President will serve on the committee.
  3. If being inducted into the Hall of Fame by way of vote, a dog must receive 3/4 of the ballots cast.
  4. During the voting process, there will be a secret ballot fore each dog nominated.
  5. The secret ballot for induction into the Hall of Fame will take place at the first meeting following the deer hunting season.

Dogs Inducted:

Dogs inducted into the DSI Hall of Fame will be announced at the Annual Dinner, and a history of each dog will be given at that time. The owner will be presented with a DSI Hall of Fame Photo plaque, and the dog’s name will be engraved on the DSI Hall of Fame Club Plaque, which remains in the custody of the current President.

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