2011 Deer Search Blood Tracking Competition Results

To all members of DSI FLC, DSI WNY, and DSI Inc,

This year’s competition hosted by Deer Search Finger Lakes Chapter Inc. in Campbell, NY was a huge success!. Weather conditions were brutal probably the worst tracking condition that you could have. The large amount of rain and wind, yet we still managed to get 7 dogs certified and two new blood judges.

I would like to congratulate:

  1. Chester Swierk and Moby first place 92
  2. Dale Clifford and Tabitha 82 2nd
  3. Andy Bensing and Eibe 64 3rd
  4. Dale C lifford and Cassey 50 4th

Congratulations to the certified dogs and handlers: Gary Huber and Beya 74, Darren Doran and Karl 57, Matt Griffin and Gunner 57, Daryl Kempston and Penney 50, and Laura Harrington and Braylee 67.

Congratulations to the two new judges, Daryl Kempston and Chester Swierk.

Thanks to the competition judges Gary Neal, Kevin Fisher, and John Jeanneney. Thanks to Dale Clifford, Gary Huber and Chester Swierk for judging on Sunday to help certify dogs.

As everyone there knows the conditions were unfavorable for Sunday. A rain all day Saturday, the blood was applied for Sunday. Even though there was no visible sign of blood the scent was still there 24 hours later, this was amazing.

The dogs still had enough scent to complete the lines on Sunday. A huge thanks to Dave and Veronica Seeley for the use of the land.

Thanks to all that helped mark lines, lay blood out Friday and Saturday, to Holly the photographer, to Dave Seeley our transportation coordinator(the taxi drivers), great job getting every one out and back, and to everyone that helped in any way to make it a success.

It was a fantastic education for both new and experienced handlers. Everyone’s dedication and enthusiasm was fantastic despite the weather conditions and it showed in the certification of dogs on Sunday.

Thanks again to all who work so hard to make it so successful!

Ron Hausfelder
Blood Tracking Chairman, DSI FLC

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